Knowledge Discovery and Destination Market Intelligence Framework of the Maritime Trade Route Connecting Ancient Port Towns. - A Survey on Tamilnadu Cultural Route and Smart Heritage Tourism

  • N Ayyanathan Associate Professor, Department of Computer Applications, BS Abdul Rahman Crescent Institute of Science & Technology, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Destination market Intelligence, Knowledge Discovery, Tamil merchant guilds, Cultural routes, ancient trade routes, heritage tourism, supply chain logistics network, Smart tourism, value chain analysis


The international trade network of the ancient Chera, Chola, Pandyan kingdoms with Rome in particular since Sangam age has been studied well by various researchers. However, a recent archaeological excavation study at Thandigudi, Pattanam and Keeladi have generated a lot more data and throws more light with new research dimension and direction, particularly concerning the trade routes. The supply chain business intelligence of the various merchant guilds operating in all three Chera, Chola, Pandya territories are reviewed to provide a framework for knowledge destination and cultural heritage trade routes from the emerging new evidence. The proposed logistics network design and destination market intelligence of the trade routes naturally evolved into three clusters of towns and places - the outcome of the research survey concludes with a newly developed smart heritage cultural route of Tamilnadu.

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