Reaction of Inorganic Salts on Benzaldehyde Di-N-Butylacetal

  • K Raja Department of Chemistry, Aruna Vidhya Arts and Science College, Kannakkurukai, Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Benzaldehyde di-n-butylacetal, Barium Chloride, Hydroxyl Ammonium Chloride, Acetonitrile


The reaction of benzaldehyde di-n-butylacetal catalyzed by haloethenes in contrast to those catalyzed by lewis acids, n-halocompounds etc., has received only little attention. Aliphatic acetal give butyl 3-chlorobenzoate and 2-chlorobenzaldehyde as the main products. This features induced the authors to take up the title investigations. Haloethenes are synthetically very useful reagents and vary widely in their acceptor synthon character and reactivity, hence their applications in the present work.

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