The Role of Creative Pedagogy in Primary School Teaching and Learning

  • Nafisa Hussaini Master of Education, University of Pune, India
Keywords: Creativity, Teacher, Student, Curriculum, Pedagogy


The exigencies to implement novel pedagogical methods with creativity at its core, are rapidly changing the foundations of primary education. With new discoveries being made in the area of child psychology, instruction and learning have turned to creativity to aid the teachers and students to make classroom learning lucid, succinct and interesting. Traditional methods of teaching and learning no longer can suffice to do justice to the modern curricula that is based on scientific evidences of a student’s grasping power and the most effective manner in which the subject matter is transmitted to the students by considering the various intellectual capacities of the students. Creativity hones intellect and the ultimate objective of modern education is to identify and nurture the innate skills of each student and make them think, rather than make them acquire knowledge by rote.
Creativity in pedagogy is a stimulus that makes both, students and teachers, equal participants in the learning process. Teachers are the catalysts that promote creativity through positive interaction and young minds in the classroom adopt to them by learning the subject by their own logic through trial and error.

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