Simple Medicine in the Life of the People of Mettur Area

மேட்டூர் வட்டார மக்கள் வாழ்வில் எளிய மருத்துவம்

  • S Ramya Ph.D. Research Scholar, Department of Tamil, Periyar University, Salem
Keywords: Folk lore, Folk Medicine, Mettur Region People, Chithira Moolam, Sivappu Thumbai, One Side Head ache, Karumboonai Kaichal Ilai


It is common for people to develop diseases in the body and to follow various medical procedures as a remedy. The practice of seeking English medicine for some of the simplest diseases is largely absent from the rural population. However, some people consider it polite to seek hospitalization even for minor ailments in daily life such as fever, headache and cataracts. The people of Mettur Region to cure their ailments in a simple manner by following traditional medicine or hand medicine.Remedies like herbal remedies for acne, migraine headaches, nausea, headaches and mouth sores. Traditional medicine is found in those who are intoxicated and poisoned.