Aryanization of Local art traditions: Research Study based on “Thillai Kali Thirunadanam”, A Written Text of Kooththu

ஆரியமயமாக்கலும் உள்ளுர் ஆற்றுகைக் கலைகளும் : தில்லைக்காளி திருநடனம் எனும் கூத்துப்பனு வலைமையமாகக் கொண்ட ஆய்வு

  • T Gowrieeswaran Lecturer, Department of Fine Arts, Faculty of Arts and Culture, Eastern University Sri Lanka
Keywords: Folk arts, Puranam, Tamil culture, Local art traditions, Aryanization, Reformulation, Decolonization, Generalization, Patriarchy


The traditional art forms of tamils have the feature to sustain in the 21st century too. But the influence of Aryanization in the performing art traditions is considerable and questionable.

The local art traditions are used to socialize and root the ideologies of Aryanization among the local people. In particular, there are a considerable number of written texts composed in this regard.

In recent decades, the emergence of decolonization programs and the reformulation of performing art traditions questions the existing influence of ideologies of aryanization/ colonization and recreate the written and performing texts and insist on the importance of reformulation of traditional performing arts.

In this background the research study analyzes the manuscript of ‘ThillaiKalai Thirunadanam” composed by Mr. M. Elumalai (2002).