Queen Aadahasounthary with Three Breasts or the Third Breast Identified with Personalities

மும்முலை ஆடகசவுந்தரி அல்லது ஆளுமைகளை அடையாளப்படுத்தும் மூன்றாவது முலை

  • Sivagnanam Jeyasankar Senior Lecturer, Department of Fine Arts, Faculty of Arts and Culture, Eastern University Sri Lanka
Keywords: Folk Taks, Puranam, Body, Power, Sexuality, Myth, Third breast


Myth of Queen with three breasts, Aadahasouthary of Batticaloa is an element in the history of Batticaloa, Sri Lanka. Her faith is different from Saivism and later she adopted to Saivism because of her new partner Kulakottan, a South Indian prince enter into Eastern Part of Sri Lanka and engaged in constructing a temple for lord Sivan.

Queen aadahasounthary was angry with the intrusion and waged a war against the prince Kulakottan who was engaged in the temple construction without permission.

When the Queen met the prince her third breast was disappeared and she lost her valour and became a “conventional woman” and fell in love with the prince as mentioned to her by a sage.

Queen Aadahasounthary, now without the third breast lost herself and the place she managed once to her new guardian in the guise of a man king, prince kulakottan.

This paper discuss the politics of women body in the gaze of men and the new status of the Queen and the place she managed earlier in the hands of a man as husband as well as ruler.