A Trend Analysis of Area, Production and Yield of Groundnut in India

  • J Gayathri Assistant Professor of Economics, Department of Economics, PSG College of Arts & Science, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India


Groundnut is the most important oilseeds crop in India. India ranks second next to China in groundnut production. During 2015-16 groundnut crop is cultivated in India about 4.56 million hectares, with the total production of 6.77 million tonnes with the average yield of 1486 kg/hectare. The area under groundnut shows declining trend over the years due to various reasons. Groundnuts being the major edible oil seed crop in India, planners are concerned with the declining area. Hence this study is carried out to find the status of groundnut area, production and yield in India. The present study was carried on based of the secondary data collected from the various reports of the Directorate of Economics and Statistics. The study revealed that, the trend values of groundnut except for area, production and yield shows an increasing trend. The compound growth rate of area of groundnut is showing negative trend, whereas production and yield shows a positive trend with one percent and 3.26 percent respectively. This reveals that the yield is contributed more than by the production than by area. The compound growth rate of area, production and yield of groundnut of major producing states in India reveals that except Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan all other states are showing a negative trend. Regarding the Production of groundnut, the states like Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh shows a positive trend. While considering the yield of groundnut in Gujarat, Maharastra and Tamil Nadu shows positive trend during the reference period.

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