Critical Evaluation of the Services Rendered by Canara Bank and HDFC Bank - A Comparative Assessement

  • G Shivagami Research Scholar and Professor, Department of Economics, Bangalore University Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • T Rajendra Prasad Research Scholar, Department of Economics, Bangalore University, Karnataka, India
Keywords: Performance, Employee, Subsidy, Priority Sector Advances, Capital Reserves, Investment, Income and Expenditure


India is a mixed economy where every one will be given an opportunity to undertake and promote their business activities but subject to the conditions of the rules and regulations passed by the Government. In this direction, we are not only having public sector banks exclusively, even private sector banks was given an opportunity to serve the common people where there is a lack of government banks in certain regions. Today both public sector banks and the private sector banks have been established in every city, town and villages and we find a healthy competition in promoting their business. In this respect this to assess the services rendered by both public sector bank and the private sector bank. Further an assessment has been made to show how best Canara Bank has rendered its services against the premier private bank viz., HDFC Bank. In order to study the services rendered by these banks nearly 100 respondents each has been chosen to study the services offered by the Canara Bank and HDFC Bank. For the convenience this chapter has been divided into two sections. Section one discussed about general information of the respondents of Canara and HDFC Bank and section two has been devoted to assess various aspects of banking services which include bank accounts. ATM and cheque facilities, credit and debit cards, various loans, non-performing assets, interest rate and take over and closure of loan accounts and the opinion of the services rendered by these banks.

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Shivagami, G., & Rajendra Prasad, T. (2022). Critical Evaluation of the Services Rendered by Canara Bank and HDFC Bank - A Comparative Assessement. Shanlax International Journal of Economics, 11(1), 60-70.