Economic Visions of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar

  • R Nageswari Associate Professor & Head, Department of Economics, Seethalakshmi Achi College for Women, Pallathur, Sivagangai District, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Economics, policy, agriculture, water, poverty, changes, growth


Dr. Ambedkar is the first Ph.D. holder in the field of Economics and the primary individual to earned twofold doctorate qualification in South Asia in a similar field. He was an expert economist in tending to the monetary issues of the country and overseeing financial issues of the nation during the time of 1923 – 1956. Amazing enough Dr. Ambedkar had just recommended free economy strategy such globalization, advancement and privatization as ahead of schedule as in 1923. From that point onward, the Indian government has actualized this arrangement in September 1991. He had worried on the estimation of rupee must be kept stable despite the fact that dispatch the free financial strategy effectively. He underscored the hugeness and need of ‘Framework System” which is as yet working viably. He is a precursor of work division since he defined the dynamic framework and made proficient arrangement for this field subsequently numerous designers have prepared well way. These days, the power specialists are traveling to another country for preparing thus that credit goes to Dr. Ambedkar. Toward the finish of Second World War India confronted numerous issues identified with the business, horticulture, neediness, etc. His strategy was help to come up from that unfortunate casualty and was valuable to create ventures, improve agribusiness, make work and build up the economy all through the country. Recreation Committee Council (RCC) was built up by the Indian government and Dr. Ambedkar was an individual from RCC. He was the President of Policy advisory group for Irrigation and Power. The man who began the arrangement for a finance commission each year in the constitution was none other than Dr. Ambedkar. He put stock in the rule of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity which stretched out into all segments of the general public including work. Dr Ambedkar was quick to create water hotspots for quicker financial development of the nation even before Independence. He underlined that the water the board ought to be an indispensable piece of the nation. He has presented an outline for ‘Damodar Valley Scheme’ (Kolkata, 3 January 1945) pictured on the lines of Tennessee Valley Authority in America. He stated, ‘The Damodar waterway task is the principal venture and will be a multi-reason venture. The principle goal of the undertaking was not exclusively to keep the general population from flood and it contain the goal of water system, route, power generation and establish the framework for a system of success for the neediness stricken a great many this nation. The primary target of this paper is to think about the commitment of Dr. Ambedkar to the field of Economics. The examination will be useful to realize the likelihood changes agreeing his ideas, considerations, assessment and proposals in the contemporary time frame do roll out practical improvements in the field of financial aspects. The article will be useful to do the possibility contemplate based on Dr. Ambedkarism towards financial development, horticulture, water the executives, neediness, rolelessness, modern development, etc.

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