Environmental Policy: An Overview

  • Dhulasi Birundha Varadarajan Emeritus Professor, Senior fellow, ICSSR, New Delhi, Department of Environmental Economics, School of Economics, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • M Chitra Assistant Professor Department of Econometrics School of Economics Madurai Kamaraj University Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Environmental Laws, Environmental Activism, Environmental Policies


On the eve of India finishing seventy-five years of independence, it is necessary that we've to recapture the evolution of the country's environmental policy In recent years, notably since the first 1970’s, the earth planet has become more susceptible to environmental problems and there’s significant concern on whether the earth’s life network itself is being vulnerable. India is a giant country with a high population density and potential labour force. It’s a developing country marching towards 5 trillion economy, a strong, vibrant, multi-party democracy has high degree freelance judiciary and open media. Environmental policies are influenced by a multitude of factors and determine how environmental resources are accessed, apportioned, consumed, conserved, and governed. There exists a Paradigm shift in Environmental policies of India. This paper analyses the nature and magnitude and ideological change of 75 years of Environmental polices of India in 7different periods such as I: Period from 1947-1970:Post-independence Period, I: Period of 1970-1980: Decade of Environmental Obligations, III: Period of 1981-1990: Decade of Environmental Activism,, IV: Period of 1991-2000 :Decade of cooperative Environmental governance , Period of 2001-2010: Decade of Decentralised Environmental Governance, VI: Period from: 2011-2020:Decade of Centralisation of Natural Resources and VII: Period of 2020-2030 : Decade of International obligations.

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