Impact of Government Schemes on Tribal Development in Nagaland

Keywords: Tribal Development, Schemes, Tribal Communities, Tribal Cultures, Traditions


India’s tribal population is a sizeable minority with distinctive cultural identities, traditions, and beliefs. The Indian government has introduced a number of Programmes and schemes to support their socio-economic development. This Programme aims to provide the tribal population with basic necessities like housing, healthcare, education, and sanitation facilities. The Nagaland government has put into place a number of Programmes to support the socio-economic development of tribal communities within the state. These Programmes are intended to offer financial and other forms of support to assist tribal communities in raising their standard of living and enhancing their standard of living, education, and health. These Programmemes are aimed at giving tribal communities financial support, technical support, and capacity building to enable them to engage in income-generating activities, increase the productivity of their agriculture, and gain access to better healthcare and education. The Nagaland government is dedicated to making sure that these Programmes are successfully carried out and that the state’s tribal communities can reap the rewards of these initiatives. This study shows the influence of tribal development in Nagaland and government initiatives.

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Suresh Kumar, J., & Shobana, D. (2023). Impact of Government Schemes on Tribal Development in Nagaland. Shanlax International Journal of Economics, 11(3), 15-25.