Growth of Public Revenue in Tamil Nadu

  • P Ramalakshmi Research Scholar, Department of Economics, Arul Anandar College, Karumathur, Madurai District, Tamil Nadu
Keywords: Public fiancé, tax revenue, Urban Land Tax, Registration Fee, State Excise Duties, General Sales tax, Electricity Duties


The complex problems that centre around the income-expenditure process of government are studied in “Public Finance”. According to Dalton, “is concerned with the income and expenditure of public authorities and with the adjustment of one to the other, adjustment not necessarily to equality, but to whatever arithmetical relationship, in given conditions, is best.” In the traditional sense thus, public finance is a study of the nature and principles of state expenditure and state revenue. Dalton states that “Public fiancé is one of those subjects which is on the borderline between economics and politics. It is concerned with the income and expenditure of public authorities, and with the adjustment of the one with the other.” While Mrs.Ursula Hicks points out that: “the main content of public finance consists then of the examination and appraisal of the methods by which government bodies provide for collective satisfaction of wants and secures necessary funds to carry out their

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