An Analytical Study on Foreign Direct Investment in Indian Perspective

  • Harish Tigari Faculty Member, Department of Studies and Research in Commerce, Davangere University, Davangere, Karnataka, India
Keywords: Foreign Direct Investment, GDP, GNP, foreign trade, foreign reserve


The investment is the flow of funds from origin to the destination for appreciation in terms of return, thereby in a globalized economy the country having core competencies to achieve faster economic growth. The openness process of our economy to the world economy plays a pre-dominant in the sustainable growth and development, on this context the rationale of the foreign direct investment associated with the term economic progress, economic growth, and economic development are synonymously correlated with the sustainable growth and development. It is the task based on the commitment of funds only. So the present study intends to analyze the Foreign Direct Investment in the Indian scenario. The main objectives of the study are to examine the impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Indian economy and analyze the correlation between FDI and different economic variables. For analyzing the correlation between FDI and economic variables hypotheses are framed and correlation coefficient technique is used to test the hypotheses. The study is based on only secondary data which is collected from different sources available in Government of India publications, annual reports, Reserve Bank of India bulletins, textbooks, journals, articles, and internet sources.

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