Abscission of Familial Bonding in Khaled Hosseini’s And the Mountains Echoed

  • C Joy Hepzibah Research Scholar, Department of English, CSI Bishop Appasamy College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Adoption, Abscission, Familial Cohesion, Trauma, Depression, Separation, Longingness, Reunion


Adoption is a beautiful thing in the world when it comes to giving life to abandon children. But as said often, “The only guarantee if a child is adopted is trauma,” the same adoption is so brutal when the child has been separated from the living family members and given for adoption. There is no worse pain than the pain of the children being separated from their birth family. This research throws light on abscission from the familial cohesion because of the critical situations in the family. Here, in this study, a young child is abscissed from her own family by adoption. The permanent separation from her biological parents creates the feeling of separation and longingness in the novel, And the Mountains Echoed, written by Khaled Hosseini. Pari, is the
adopted child, and the protagonist of the novel was in her immature age when she had been separated from her family. The importance of familial relationships is shown very deeply in this novel through the plight of the protagonist, Pari. After the years of separation, the same child who became a mature woman gets reunited with her brother. But the traumatic experience that she had undergone can never be undone.

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