Feministic Approach in Kamala Das’s My Story

  • Robancy Amal Research Scholar, Department of Translation, Tamil University, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Kamala Das, Novel, Autobiography


The role of the readers in reading a novel or a poem is to look through the eye of the author and to enjoy the beauty of the literary works. Kamala Das’s poetry, novels and short stories have always carried self-transformation and women empowerment asserting her rights freedom and desire to liberate her from the clutches of traditions and cultures which suppress women in the Indian society. This paper tries to analyze the outspoken and controversial autobiography and an unheard cry for freedom of many Indian women and depicts how revealing the inner self of a woman free her from the oppression of Caste, class, race and sex. It has become a cult classic in the 20th century. It attempts to see the feministic approach of the novel.

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