A Thematic Analysis in the Novel The Stone Angel

Keywords: Canadian Literature, Feminism, Lack of Emotion


The most insightful story of Hagar in the novel The Stone Angels reveals the character’s stubborn attitude and her final transformation which has provided a strong thematic perspective for the study. The story is a complete recitation of Hagar’s whole life history nevertheless her life’s incidents reveal about lack of many substances in her life. Incompleteness or Lack of something is the major theme of the novel which is suggested by the very title that the angel seems to be lifeless and has reduced to stone. Hence the study ventures on a search for the incompleteness present in the life of Hagar. The most notable quality that the protagonist doesn’t processis emotion which is highlighted by the author as an important character traitforwomen. Without emotion, Hagar is viewed as unusual and is pictured as antagonist. Moreover, the character Hagar’s feministic attitude lacks certain smartness which leads to the failure. Thus, the paper makes a thematic observation to explore the theme of incompleteness in different aspects.

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