Blending Learning: Towards Transforming Indian Higher Education

Keywords: Blending Learning, BL, Higher Education, NEP, Online Education


“Blending Learning (BL) has advanced from an experimental novelty to a nearly common teaching-learning approach in academia recently. The Covid-19 pandemic has encouraged the global use of blended learning approaches. It is a novel method that blends traditional and modern teaching-learning paradigms and is becoming more popular, providing value to the learning environment by incorporating technology. It not only changes the way information is delivered, but it also redefines the old roles of education and opens new vistas of learning opportunities. Various universities, colleges, and other educational institutions across the world are establishing deliberate strategies for employing blended learning. Blended learning environments have been shown to outperform traditional classroom education, but they do not prove to be superior, till date. This paper seeks to investigate this paradox and recommends that the government, authorities, instructors as well as students must establish an engaged, collaborative, technologically advanced and supportive teaching-learning environment of global competence in order to fully realize the potential of BL.

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Nawale, A. (2022). Blending Learning: Towards Transforming Indian Higher Education. Shanlax International Journal of English, 10(4), 30-36.