(Korean-Tamil) Language and Cultural similarities, Maritime Trade between Early Historic Tamilakam and Korea

  • Selvaraj Arokiyaraj Assistant Professor, Department of Food Science & Biotechnology, Sejong University, South Korea
  • Gayathri Ravichandran Scholar, Faculty of Epigraphy, Tamil University, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Athanur Chozhan SIBI Pathipagam, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Kannan Narayanan Director, Institute of South and East Asian Studies, Kadikai Virtual Academy of Excellence, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Ancient trade, Korean-Tamil similarities, Cultural similarities, Buddhism, India


There are several similarities found between the Korean and Tamil culture of India that many people are unaware. The present article discusses the similarities in language, food, and culture. Probably the Iron Age trade relationship and spread of Buddhism from Tamil Nadu bound these two great maritime nations. Besides, evidence emerges from classical Tamil literature (Sangam period 600 BCE to 300 CE), archeological findings and anthropological discoveries found in Adichanallur, a pre-historic harbor site, indicate that people of Mongoloids race traveled to the ancient seaport of Korkai, Tamil Nadu and Tamil people may have traveled to Korea for trade or missionary activities. This could be the possible reason behind the language and cultural similarities between these two nations.

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