The Art of Saving Money: Women as a Catalyst Builder

  • S Nagalakshmi Assistant Professor, PG & Research Department of English, Saraswathi Narayanan College, Perungudi, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Financial slug, Saving, Women, Society


Today the world is jostling with Covid 19, which has shaken many people lives in various ways. In fact, Covid 19 has thought a lesson to be cautious and conscious on one’s health, protect environment, help one another and financial saving. However Covid 19, has not only created a health crisis but equally economic crisis which is also one of the major conflict faced by every individual all over the world. Due to reduced productivity, trade disruption, loss of job, close of business, disrupt in the transport, tourism, disfunctioning of many industries, etc.every individual met the financial slug which changed the life style of people in a very poor way. Covid 19 has made people to protect their health and as well as gave an awakening and opened the eyelid of the people, to save money, which would help them in need of the hour. People realized to the saying that, “A light purse is a heavy curse” and barely felt the need of saving the money. To this regard, especially women in the family were a torch bearer who managed the monetary crisis by their art of saving habitual behaviour, not only during the need of the hour but always. Hence this conceptual paper would bring out the art of saving money by women in the family, which not only protect her family but even the society.

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