Cosmic Dance and The Universe

Keywords: Cosmic Dance, Nataraja, Universe, Atom, Sub Atomic Particles, Forces of Nature


Hindu religion is the only one in the world has the idea that Cosmos itself undergoes an infinite number of death and rebirths. It is the only religion in which the time scales correspond to those of modern scientific cosmology. The cosmic dance of Nataraja is not a random motion but it is beautifully choreographed movement by law of nature. Nothing in the universe has been created but only transformed from one form to another. So creation and destruction is only a transformation.
It is said that the Nataraja is the embody of inner process of human being. The galaxies are moving just like the movement of cosmic dance. It is like the birth and death and our consciousness forming and reforming. Nataraja is called the Cosmic Dancer because it is the most powerful form of dance intriguingly eclectic, keeping everything in the Universe intact. In Physical Science a Subatomic Particle is a particle that composes an Atom. Every subatomic particle not only does an energy dance but is also a pulsating process of creation and destruction without end. The electrons by diffusing around the nucleus forms the unstopped dancing movement. So for the modern physics the dance of cosmic dancer is a dance of subatomic matter. His dance symbolizes the daily rhythm of birth and death and the cosmic cycles of creation and destruction. Cosmic dancer seems to be real as he continually keeps creating and dissolving the forms in the external flow of his dance.

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