Shanlax International Journal of Arts, Science and Humanities <p>P-ISSN: 2321-788X | E-ISSN: 2582-0397</p> Shanlax Journals en-US Shanlax International Journal of Arts, Science and Humanities 2321-788X Analyze Soil Fertility using Deep Learning Convolutional Neural Networks <p>This research revolves around how plant soil potential can be further discovered and used for farming through detection of relevant nutrients and chemicals within the soil landscapes within areas and even desert climates and how we can improve land soil fertility of the purpose of farming both using Convolutional neural networks which process of imagery in layers and predictive detections of objects within image backgrounds and frontal lobes. <br>When we view layers for farming beneath the surface to understand suitability of farming done on top. The general model applied can be summarized as follows: <br>As shown In Appendix 1a, we can see the various layers soil has to assess the possibility of nutrient provision for farming [2]. <br>The Objective is to examine availability of plant nutrients using convolution of Nueral networks to classify open farmlands through image analysis and layering. <br>Convolution Nueral networks is divided into four steps starting with input of images, drafting a convolution layer, creating a pooling layer and flattening the Nueral network. It can be performed as a machine learning Algorithmic procedure with Python as well as R programming. <br>CNN divides the images into pixels, edges, frontal lobes and shading through the support of power machine learning libraries and packages like Tensorflow and Keras.</p> Muhammad Ammar Jamshed ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-01-01 2023-01-01 10 3 1 5 10.34293/sijash.v10i3.5281 Preventive Strategies of Child Sexual Abuse in School Settings: A Meta - Analysis <p>Most likely, child sexual abuse is a health issue that affects children and has the wide-ranging negative effects. The prevention of child sexual abuse in school settings is examined in this paper, along with a number of other factors that may affect the lives of victims. An electronic database search has been conducted to identify literature related to (child sexual) abuse preventive strategies given at schools in English. Investigators reviewed 62 studies out of which 13 studies illustrated the outcomes of the child sexual abuse preventive strategies followed in schools were successful. It was found that very few research had been conducted to prevent child sexual abuse in school settings, and additional intervention techniques were required globally.</p> V Arulselvi N Geetha ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-01-01 2023-01-01 10 3 6 11 10.34293/sijash.v10i3.5295 From Text to Scene: Modern Methods and Staging Strategies <p>This article examines the ideas and practices of directors and writers about the degree of fidelity and non-adherence to the text, reversal, and the use of the text as a preliminary text to present artists’ artistic concerns. The degree of fidelity of the theater play to the text and the author raises this question that whether the director will be accepted as the creator of the work or the person who performs it. This article shows that modern theater experts interpret the relationship between the written text and the staged play in different ways. While some directors see their play work as serving the writers and prioritizing their satisfaction, others see themselves as the creator of the work, sees text as one of the elements that can be removed from the theater. Konstantin Stanislavski, Jerzy Grotowski, Vsevolod Meyerhold, Elia Kazan, and Wooster are some of the famous actors whose comments are briefly reviewed in this article. What will become clear in this work is the diminishing role of the author as the sole creator of the work and the progress of the theater towards innovation, diversity of forms, and group work. At the end of this article, the novelty in presenting the text is considered not the death of the author, but a kind of continuation of the text and a revitalization of its various dimensions.</p> Amin Saadati ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-01-01 2023-01-01 10 3 12 20 10.34293/sijash.v10i3.4964 Conversation as a Tool to Explore the Struggle of Slum Women from Daily Labourers to Entrepreneurs <p>Proliferation of education has led to transformations of life and economy at different level. But, in India neither the education nor the other associated values and achievements have brought significant changes in the life of many women except a few whom we see today in the age of media and communication as a source of inspiration. They are holding prominent positions in different domains of life, Nevertheless, though the education has become so common but opportunities and environment to get education are still not accessible to a large number of women in our society. It is on their capabilities and caliber that this paper intends to shed some light. The present study deals with the women from urban slums of Aligarh who are self- employed workers in the unorganized sector with irregular nature of employment accompanied by inadequate incomes. These women use their inbuilt talents to deal with the raw- materials and inbuilt skills to stitch, weave, embroider, knit and create. In the process of providing self-employment to their own selves they form backbone to the informal sector of the economy. The study tries to identify the various challenges they face. Study through qualitative findings tries to capture the ways and means by which they can expand their works and convert it into micro and small enterprise.</p> Sanoobia Iqrar Azra Musavi ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-01-01 2023-01-01 10 3 21 28 10.34293/sijash.v10i3.5331 Effectiveness of Co-Operative Learning Method on the Achievement of XIth Standard Students in Learning Science Concepts <p>In the present study the Investigator has attempt to Effectiveness of co-operative learning method on the achievement of IXth standard students in learning science concepts . The sample consists of Investigator has chosen 204 IXth Standard Students from Virudhunagar District as a Population for this study. Among them 102 students were taught in conventional method and 102 students will be taught in Co-Operative Learning Method and the investigator adopted the sampling in simple random sampling method. The findings of the study were (i) IXth Standard students those who learned Science through Co-operative learning approach scored more than Conventional method of teaching group. The Co-operative learning method facilitate for IXth Standard students in learning science concepts rather than their counterparts in Conventional method of teaching.&nbsp;(ii) IXth Standard students those who learned science concepts through Co-operative learning activities have more Retention ability than Conventional method of teaching group. The Co-operative learning activities facilitated for IXth Standard students to achieve better retention in learning science concepts rather than their counterparts in Conventional method of teaching. (iii) The Co-operative learning strategy has equal impact on the achievement of Boys and Girls</p> P Raja K Mahesh ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-01-01 2023-01-01 10 3 29 33 10.34293/sijash.v10i3.5696 Talking Drums – A Study <p>Membranophones are one of the main divisions of Musical Instruments. They are further classified by many features. One such feature is shape and structure. Hour Glass Drums comes under this one. These are the ancient drums seen from early Times. They are called as Talking Drums in West Africa. In Talking drum pitch can be regulated according to the tone and prosody of human speech. Most of the talking drums sound like a human humming depending on the way they are played As they can change the pitch lower or higher it may be used for Music also. But there are many such Drums seen all over the World with similar shape,structure, mode of construction, playing techniques and so on. So they may also be called as Talking drums</p> S Subbulakshmi ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-01-01 2023-01-01 10 3 34 40 10.34293/sijash.v10i3.5785 Elukadal- Forgotten Pond in Madurai City <p>Madurai is a traditional city also known as ‘Kudal’ because the city was built at the confluences of the river Vaigai. Vaigai is the main water resource of Madurai. Once there were 190 water bodies in Madurai. There were 38 ponds in Madurai city. At present very few tanks only available in Madurai. Some ponds were encroached by public buildings. Some ponds were turned as drainages. Some temple tanks are as much a part of Madurai’s identity as the temples themselves. Elukadal Street situated in the centre of Madurai city. It got its name from Elukadal Teppam. There is an ancient street, running in front of the Pudumandapam called Elukadal Street (affluence of seven seas). In this street, the stores which sold many essential goods existed. A Legendary Story says thatLord Shiva heard this, he miraculously brought water from seven seas to Madurai and formed a tank here to house the water to help is mother-in-law, who had pleased and took bath in that tank. Hence the tank got the name Elukadal (seven seas). The tank was constructed by Saluva Nayaka, an officer of the Vijayanagara ruler Krishnadevaraya in 1516 A.D. TimmuRauvttar, the administrative General of Chokkanata Nayak renovated and reconstructed this tank and named it as ‘Sapthasakaram’ (Elukadal) on 1564. But later due to the encroachment the size of the pond was reduced. The pond was strictly prohibited and the people were not allowed to enter into the pond, because the pond became the garbage ground and a point of illegal activities. Many Madurai people don’t know about this tank. It was forgotten by many people. The Elukadal Teppam will not be recovered. But the ponds like Tallakulam, Koodal Perumal Teppam, Madakulam canal are in endangered condition in Madurai. The people of Madurai must aware about their water resources and should take protective measures.</p> M Vijaya Shanthi ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-01-01 2023-01-01 10 3 41 45 10.34293/sijash.v10i3.5899 Menstruation and its Related Problems among Adolescent Girls – A Sociological Study in Sangeethapatty Village Panchayat in Omalur Taluk of Salem District <p>Adolescence is an important period and during this period only almost all the boys and girls attain their puberty. Compare to boys’ puberty the girls’ puberty play a special attention in the society. Especially in Indian society a special family function has been arranged and in such function a special celebration has been conducted by inviting their kin and kith. Due to influence of the modernization and westernization, the individuals are attracted with junk foods and in some of the individual’s life the junk foods become the part and parcel. The consumption of the junk foods also attracted the adolescent boys and girls. The present paper aims to understand the menstruation and its related problems among the adolescent girls in Sangeethapatty village panchayat in Omalur Taluk. For the purpose of the study 32 adolescent girls selected in the study area and by using interview schedule the required data collected from the respondents. The results indicate that the respondents who have the habit of the consumption of junk foods have the history of early menarche, painful periods, heavy periods and irregular periods.</p> C Gobalakrishnan Ms Jagatheeswari ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-01-01 2023-01-01 10 3 46 52 10.34293/sijash.v10i3.5898 Jain Monuments in Madurai <p>Madurai is a city of confluence where different faiths flourished through the ages. Jainism is one among ancient religions in the world. It was believed to have been founded by twenty four Theerthankarars from Atinatha to Mahavira . Historians believe that Mahavira’s period was 590 – 527 B.C. Jainism was accepted as the religion of the people and kings in South India much earlier to the spread of Buddhism. Jaina tradition, Bhadrababu a Jain Saint foretold a famine of twelve years which made the Mauryan emperor Chandragupta to abdicate his throne and settle at ShravanaBelagola along with other saints and ended his life by going on a fast called sallekhena or starvation. There is sample proof of religious interactions between the Jains in Madurai and ShravanaBelagola and it is astonishing that Jainism had taken roots so deep in Madurai during the days of pure communication and travel. There were 14 popular Jain abodes for Jain monks in and around Madurai viz.., Thiruparankundram, Samanarmalai, Kongarpuliyankulam, Vikkiramangalam, Anaipatti, Anaimalai, Anaipatti, Meenakshipuram (Mangulam), Arittapatti, Alagarmalai , Karungalakudi, Keelavazhavu and Thiruvathavoor, Kunnathur and Thirumalai . The nearby villages of Madurai City. This paper deals about the Jain monuments in Madurai.</p> N Asha Devi ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-01-01 2023-01-01 10 3 53 55 10.34293/sijash.v10i3.5901 Climate Change Impacts on Agricultural Production in Selected Revenue Villages in Madurai District of Tamil Nadu: An Economic Perspective <p>In the long run, the climate change could affect agriculture in several ways such as quantity and quality of crops in terms of productivity, growth rates, photosynthesis and transpiration rates, moisture availability etc. Climate change is likely to directly influence the food production across the globe. An increase in mean seasonal temperature is likely to shorten the duration of many crops and thus reduce yields. In areas where temperature is already close to the physiological maxima for crops, warming will impact yields more immediately (IPCC, 2007). With this context, an attempt is made to analyze the production trend of agricultural sector in the selected revenue villages in Madurai district of Tamil Nadu. In the year of 2006-2007 grain and Pulses production was high level. In 2007-08 Pulses production was very low. In the 9 revenue villages which we took for research but, only 3 parts are produced in sugar crops. In the 3 villages, pulses production is zero. Most of the Sugar crops have been produced in the year 2007-08. In the year of 2007-08 more fruits and vegetables were produced. But in 2013-14 the fruits and vegetables are much lower and in 2009-10 it is much less. Oil seed Crops production is have been equally, with small differences in all years. In the year of 2007-08, more Oil seeds crops were produced. In the year 2012-13 the lowest produced with Oil seeds crops.</p> T Veerapandi T Ramanathan N Periyamayan ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-01-01 2023-01-01 10 3 56 61 10.34293/sijash.v10i3.5900 Temple Trade Unionism in Travancore <p>Politicization has grappled the administration of Hindu temples in the state of Kerala since the formation of Devaswom Boards which are envisaged as autonomous bodies entrusted with the administration of temples here. Trade unions and their activities are rampant today in the temples of Kerala. Trade unionism is nothing other than the direct result of the politicization of temple administration. Though trade unionism is significant for protecting the rights of employees, often its politicization affects the serenity of temples and the unity and general discipline of employees as it involves direct action methods for achieving goals. Various Commission Reports and Court verdicts often pointed out that politically affiliated trade unionism is detrimental to the temples. The administration of Devaswom boards has been deteriorated to the level of a business establishment due to the presence of strong and highly politicized trade unions. The study tries to examine the historical and contemporary role of trade union movements existing among the temple employees of public temples in Kerala.</p> PK Rajagopal ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-01-01 2023-01-01 10 3 62–68 62–68 10.34293/sijash.v10i3.5815 Marital Adjustment among Married Women in Salem District of Tamil Nadu – A Sociological Analysis <p>The marriage is a universal institution which unites the male and female under one roof. This institution of the marriage is also responsible for the formation of another social institution i.e. the family. Therefore the institution of the marriage is considered as the prime and first social institution among other social institutions. The institution of marriage is also regulating the sexual behaviour of the married couple. During the present days, the literacy rate of female is increasing and due to that their economic participation outside the family is also increasing. The census data of 2011 reveals that 59.3 per cent of the rural women engaged themselves as self-employed and 5.6 per cent of urban women engaged themselves in the salaried jobs. The women who engaged themselves in any job either self or salaried before marriage they won’t face any problems but after marriage they face lot of problems because they have to look after their household tasks and also their career. The effective participation of the married women in their career depends on the adjustment of their husband and in-laws. The present study aims to understand the amount of marital adjustment of married women in Salem District of Tamil Nadu. For the purpose of the present study 50 married women have been selected by using purposive sampling method and their responses have been recorded with the help of interview schedule. The results show that the married women are enjoying less amount of marital adjustment.</p> C Gobalakrishnan K Divya ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-01-01 2023-01-01 10 3 69–74 69–74 10.34293/sijash.v10i3.5843 Aftermath of School Dropout: Sociological Analysis with Reference to Maram Naga Tribe, Manipur <p>School dropout is a serious problem faced by individual and society for which focus has been a great concern for the policymakers and researchers to deal with. The present study was to examine the consequences of school dropouts in the Maram Naga Tribe, Manipur. School dropout is not a new phenomenon but the current study will contribute to the awareness of the effects and suggest the remedies in order to curb the problems. The aims of the study were to explore the research questions such as what problems do dropouts encounter after leaving school. The researcher followed simple random sampling methodto select 260 respondents from the universe. The interview method has been used to collect data to understand the phenomena of the consequences of school dropouts. The key findings are unemployment, regret, family chaos and taking intoxicate like alcoholism, drug addiction and so on. The significance of the findings shows that dropouts have different experiences in economic, social and political outcomes in society.</p> L Maningba Augustine M Jeyaseelan ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-01-01 2023-01-01 10 3 75 82 10.34293/sijash.v10i3.5883 Influence of High Intensity Interval and Low Intensity Interval Trainings on Selected Motor Fitness Components <p>The purpose of the study was to find out the effects of high intensity interval training and Low intensity interval training on selected motor fitness components namely speed and agility. To achieve this purpose of the study, forty five men students studying Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar, Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu and India were selected as subjects at random. Their age ranged between 18 to 24 years. The selected subjects were divided into three equal groups of fifteen each namely high intensity interval training group, Low intensity interval training group and control group. The experimental group I underwent high intensity interval training and group II underwent Low intensity interval training for three days per week for twelve weeks whereas the control group maintained their daily routine activities and no special training was given to them. The following motor fitness components namely speed and agility were selected as criterion variables. The subjects of the three groups were tested on selected motor fitness components namely speed and agility using standardized tests namely 50 mts run and shuttle run at prior and immediately after the training period. The collected data were analyzed statistically through analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) to find out the significant difference, if any among the groups. Whenever the obtained “F” ratio was found to be significant, the Scheffe’s test was applied as post hoc test to find out the paired mean difference, if any. The .05 level of confidence was fixed to test the level of significance which was considered as an appropriate. The results of the study showed that there was a significant difference exist among high intensity interval training group, Low intensity interval training group and control group on selected motor fitness components namely speed and agility. And also high intensity interval training group and Low intensity interval training group showed significant improvement on speed and agility when compared to control group.</p> P Karthikeyan ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-01-01 2023-01-01 10 3 83–87 83–87 10.34293/sijash.v10i3.5888 Psychological Struggles Faced by Women in Tuberculosis Affected Family - A Study from Coimbatore District <p>Tuberculosis(TB) and mental illnesses seriously exceed globally and frequently exist. While poor psychic illness is known to moderate resistant function, whether psychological syndromes play a crucial role in Tuberculosis, the relative occurrence is unknown. Cohesion to Tuberculosis(TB) treatment is the vital cause of poor Tuberculosis outcomes, and initial support or treatment for Tuberculosis patients is vital to governments. On the other hand, there has been trivial study or exploration on the possessions of family, social and national policy supporting factors on Tuberculosis treatment observance. This scoping review aims to outline the most frequent mental issues encountered by Tuberculosis patients and women in Tuberculosis-affected families and assess the mental health effects of Tuberculosis treatment. Results Tuberculosis(TB) ranks as a deadly disease resulting in millions of deaths worldwide. However, the effect of Tuberculosis on the emotional status of patients and women in the family and involvement in improving treatment outcomes is ignored, especially in underdeveloped and developing countries.</p> M Mohan C Subramanian ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-01-01 2023-01-01 10 3 88–92 88–92 10.34293/sijash.v10i3.5915