Comparison between the Literary Characteristics of Sangam Period and Pre Islamic Era – An Introductory Study

சங்ககால மற்றும் ஜாஹிலிய்யாக்கால இலக்கியத் தன்மைகளுக்கு இடையிலான ஒப்பீடு – ஓர் அறிமுக ஆய்வு

  • M S Zunoomy Research Student, B.A (Hons.) in Linguistics and Translation Temporary, Assistant Lecturer, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka, Oluvil, Sri Lanka
Keywords: Sangam Period, Pre Islamic Era, Literary Characteristics


Each communities involves in literary field to reflect their origin and uniqueness. Sangam Period on behalf of Tamil language and Pre Islamic Era on behalf of Arabic language are the mostly involvement periods in literary field. Both periods are still talked about in the field of literature that shows theirs antiquity and literary
excellence. Literary discussion of these two different language literatures is an essential nowadays. According to this, the significant of this research indicates that each period has been analyzed separately in many views. But comparative analysis is deficiency. Therefore, this research uses comparative descriptive methodology to analysis literary characteristics among them. This paper aims to increase comparative literature discussions among the periods. Understanding the literature through another literature is the important. Therefore, this research will promote comparative studies among Tamil and Arabic literatures in the future.

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