Mythology of Tamils in Mullaipattu

முல்லைப்பாட்டில் தமிழரின் தொன் மரபு

Keywords: Mullaipattu, Pathupattu, Asiriapattu, Life style, War mode, Defense mode, Worship


Mullaipattu is one of the Pathupattu. Small book in terms of lines. It also has another name, Nenjatruppadai. The name is derived from the fact that the head of Mullaipattu stands with a relaxed heart. The author of this book is Napputhanar, the son of a gold trader from Kavirippoompattinam. This book is an Asiriapattu composed in terms of alphabetical order. Written in the second century AD, the book is a vivid description of the life of the people of that time. This book explains the biological beliefs of the people of that time, the cults, the warfare of the kings, the methods of protection, the clear view of nature are the background of modern life. The purpose of this article is to explore this.

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