Feminist Ideology in Lakshmi Novels

லட்சுமி புதினங்களில் பெண்ணியக் கருத்தியல்

  • H Shobana Assistant Professor, Tamil Department, Government Arts College, Ooty, Tamil Nadu, Inida https://orcid.org/0000-0002-8985-1615
  • M Kumar Research Scholar, Tamil Department, Government Arts College, Ooty, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Feminism, Literary Theory, Consumerism, Social Factor, Political Concept


Feminism is a political concept centered on the welfare of women. A political position demanding equality, liberation and justice for women. This political concept cannot be used as a theory for literary study unless it is transformed into a literary study approach. Feminist literary theory is art. In the literature the woman is portrayed as very vulnerable, consumerist, emaciated and exposed to them as opposed to being identified as a tool to fulfill her sexual needs. The aim of feminist literary theory can be to find in social literature the social factors that contribute to the status of today’s woman of inequality and freedom.

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