Shiva’s Heroic Deeds on Atta Veerattana Places

அட்ட வீரட்டானத் தலங்களில், சிவனின் வீரச்செயல்கள்

Keywords: God heroism, devotional literature, Panniruthirumuraigal, Saiva holy places, heroic deeds, Lord Shiva, Tamil Bakthi Litrature


Literature to the development of Tamil literature is immense. The Panniruthirumuraigal, which are prominent in devotional literature, are the revisions of Lord Shiva; Not only the specialties, but also the various special ideas about the deeds performed by Lord Shiva at different times in these sites. Among them are the heroic deeds of Lord Shiva in eight places including Thirukandiyur, Tirukovalur, Travancore, Tirupariyalur, Thiruvirkudi, Thiruvalur, Thirukurukkai, Thirukkadavur, which are revered as eight heroic Saiva holy places told in the Tamil tradition. According to the Tamil tradition, Brahman, Imayan, Andagan, Kayamugan, Dakkan, Chalandaran, Manmadhan and Tripura Asuras destroyed the arrogance of Enmar through the heroic deeds of Lord Shiva. It is revered as the card heroism as the act of heroism of Lord Shiva manifested in these places. Let me inform you that this article is based on comments taken from texts that have appeared in the Panniruthirumuraigal.

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