How to Read Carnatic Music on Violin

வயலினில் கர்நாடக இசை வாசிக்கும் முறை

  • Sujatha Niranjan Senior Lecturer, Department of Music, Kalaipeedam, University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka
Keywords: Violin, Carnatic music, concert, Carnatic music items


The violin is a major stringed instrument in South Indian music. It is played as the main instrument in Carnatic music and as an accompaniment to musical performances such as vocals. This is not the heritage instrument of India. Today there is no concert without Carnatic music. Thus it plays an important role in Carnatic music.
The present form of this violin was composed in 16th century Italy. The violin, a folk instrument, was first used in South Indian music in the 18th century. It is also more important than any other instrument. It also plays an important role in major concerts. There are many reasons why it is played as the main instrument in Carnatic music more than any other instrument. It has developed to the point where it can be read more than any other instrument in the 20th century for various performances such as vocals, other instrumental events, orchestras, and dance performances. It is also found that Carnatic musicians (male/female) can adjust their pitch to suit their convenience. Since its introduction to Carnatic music, many great scholars have read and succeeded in Carnatic music. In addition, it plays a very important role in Palliya music and has a wide place in Carnatic music.

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