Biographies of the ‘Kuravar’ in Tamil Short Stories

தமிழ்ச் சிறுகதைகளில் குறவா்களின் வாழ்வியல்

  • N Rathina Kumar Assistant Professor, Department of Tamil, Madura College, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Pandripatti, Enavaraviyal, Matramai, Kathaiyadal, Manipadukai


In history, there are many categories of grassroots socialized minorities can be found, the particular attention in which ‘narikuravars’ alone have received except the other indigenous minorities in the mass environment. However, this situation has now become slightly changed. There are other various indigenous ethnic minorities have been coming out of the recent conversation that is because of internet connectivity of the environment which makes so viable. Moreover when compared to other ethnic minorities the narcissists sufferings and afflictions are very tragic one.

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