The Feelings of The Womam in Present Day Poems

இக்கால கவிதைகள் காட்டும் பெண்ணின் உணர்வுகள்

  • M Beham Kalitha Mother Teresa Woman’s University, Research and extenstion Centre, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Non-traditional poems, Feeling of a woman, Various situations and reasons, Impact of poets writing, Enlightenment


Poems are composed by many from ancient time till date, those who are having interest, great vocabulary and its timely and proper use are sustained and became famous in this field. In poems of this great people the events happened in their own life or witnessed by them will be the core of their poems. In this order, this poem is also the one which is expressing the feelings of the woman. The important relationship in the whole world and which one make us proud is “MOTHER”. This poem shed light on the feelings of the mother, the atrocities imposed on her in the name of family values or duty of mother and the husband’s doubts about her morality. Also, this is explaining about the sexual harassments of the working woman and their mindset, infant suffering, and the one still in home without marriage due to religion, cast, creed, and financial difficulties. In short this is detailing all the sufferings of a woman in non-traditional poetry form.

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