Tamiḻkkāppu Iyam - An Adaptation and Exclusion of Grammatical Concepts of Tolkāppiyam and Naṉṉūl

தொல்காப்பியம், நன்னூலிலிருந்து தமிழ்க்காப்பு இயம் தழுவியதும் தவிர்த்ததும்

  • T Prabakaran Research Scholar, Dept. of Tamil, SRM Institute of Science and Technology Kattankulathur, Tamil Nadu, India
  • L Sundaram Assistant Professor, Department of English & Foreign Languages, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Kattankulathur, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Tolkappiyam, Nannul, Tamilkappu Iyam, Modern Tolkappiyam, New Tamil Grammar, M. Kasuman


In the history of Tamil grammar, there are many significant grammar books after the advent of Tholkappiyam and Nannul. In line with that, M. Kasuman’s Tamil Kappu Iyam, published in 2005, is one among them. This article attempts to throw light on whether Tamil Kappu Iyam can be treated as the modern version of Tholkappiyam, apart from this, It also endeavours to bring out where the author has adopted the old grammatical concepts as found in Tholkappiyam and Nannul, what are the grammatical concepts have been modified and what are the new grammatical concepts introduced by him.

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