Saivite Sects Depicted in the Periyapuranam

பெரியபுராணம் சித்திரிக்கும் சைவப் பிரிவுகள்

Keywords: Periyapuranam, Pasupatham, Kaapalikam, Kaalamukam, Maaviratham, Vamam Pairavam


Among the Thirumuraikal texts considered excellence for Hindu religious people, the twelfth Thirumuraikal text recited by Sekkizhaar called Periyapurananm emerged in the Chola period. This literature isextoled by Cholars as the world common text and great epic. In the Periyapuranam where the history of Siva’s disciples is excellently described and the accounts about saivite sects which hold Siva as a complete whole is also mentioned The objective of this study is to find out the quality of savite texts depicting mode and revealing the same . This study will be undertaken on the basis of descriptive methodology. Sekkizhaar’s Periyapuram has been used as source text for this study. Religion, Although many sects may have appeared, in the Saiva religion Pasupatham,Kabaligam, kalamugam, Maviratham, Vamam Pairavamand those who follow such religious sects those follow such sects luxurious emergence, life method, methods of worshipping are being brought outin this study.

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