Flowers in Thirumandira and its Medicinal Properties

திருமந்திரத்தில் மலர்களும் அவற்றின் மருத்துவக் குணங்களும்

Keywords: Bhaktiy, Literature, Thirumanthiram, Tirumular, Devotion


Devotional literatures not only tell the story of devotion but also the way of life of the people. There is ample evidence in devotional literature that people have often embraced and worshiped nature. The flowers that nature has given us are not only used to worship the Lord but they are also associated with the lives of the people. It is also used as a remedy for ailments in the body. That is why Tirumular has added flowers and its medicinal properties to Bhaktiyo in his Thirumanthiram. The purpose of the study is to uncover those messages.

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