Devikottai in History

வரலாற்றில் தேவிக்கோட்டை

  • JR Sivaramakarishnan Assistant Professor, Department of History Kundavai Nachiyar Government Women’s Arts College Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Devikottai, Sangakalam, Architecture, Temples, Geography, Archaeological Evidence


Tamil Nadu has been known for its unique art and architecture since the Sangam era. The temples, palaces and other structures found here help to understand the architectural techniques of the Tamils. The Indian architectural tradition in general can be divided into two types. One is biologically related palaces, mansions, halls, shops, constructions in cities, residential complexes located in rural areas. The other is the temples associated with worship. In this context where temple-based studies have been carried out extensively in Tamil Nadu since the European period, it is not uncommon for Tamil Nadu researchers to pay little attention to the study of fortification techniques. Accordingly, this article is based on the data obtained in an attempt to fully unravel the history of Devikottai in the Nagai District.

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