Revolutionary Elements in Bharathidasan Songs

பாரதிதாசன் பாடல்களில் புரட்சிக் கூறுகள்

Keywords: Tamil Moden Poems, Bharathidasan, Poems, Azhakin Sirippu, Kudumba Vilakku, Puratchi Kavinjar


The revolutionary poet Bharathidasan is notable among the unparalleled Tamil poets of the twentieth century. Many contributions were made for the liberation of India. His songs of liberation caused a stir among the natives. Aware of his contemporary social status, Bharathidasan was passionate about the need for Tamils to excel on the world stage. Bharathidasan can be described as a social activist who set out to eradicate the superstitions and social ills that pervaded his contemporary Tamil community in his songs. Bharathidasan is proud to be the first Tamil poet to have given voice to songs for the betterment of women and advancement in life. The purpose of this article is to explore the ideas of revolutionary elements found in the various songs of Bharathidasan, who was a firm believer that the country would prosper only if women progressed.

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