Arur Vattara Thaitheiva Vazhipadu

அரூர் வட்டாரத் தாய்த்தெய்வ வழிபாடு

Keywords: Mother Deity, Worship, Tamil Religion, Folklore, Thaitheiva Vazhipadu, Folk Deities, Mother Deities, Tamil Literature, Devathiamman and Chenniyammal


Many folk deities are worshiped in Tamil Nadu. Worship is an important part of the life of the folk people. Worship of the mother goddess precedes any event in the life of the folk people. This research paper focuses on the worship of the goddess in the divine thoughts in the life of Tamil’s. This article examines mother deities, mother deities in Tamil grammar, mother deities in ancient Tamil literature, descriptions of folk deities, characteristics and customs of folk deities, origin of deities, goddesses such as Devathiamman and Chenniyammal. This article is based on the beliefs of the goddess, especially from ancient times to the beliefs of the people of the Arur region.

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