Kurunseithi (SMS) Ithalum, Kavithaikana Muneedugalum

குறுஞ்செய்தி (SMS) இதழும் நவீன கவிதைக்கான முன்னீடுகளும்

Keywords: SMS, Modern Poetry, Cell Phone, Haiku Revival Poetry


The term ‘modern’ continues to operate in the literary sphere at present. Literature is a reflection of all the morals of man. So it is impossible to separate man and literature. Literary form is as dynamic as human minds. The reason for such a change in literature is due to scientific discoveries. What has literature got to do with scientific devices? The question may arise. Literary exchanges through ‘cell phone’ (Mobile or Phones) are currently handled as a journal by ‘short message’ or ‘text message’. Therefore, this article examines all the poems published in this genre under the title “Kurunseithi (SMS) Ithalum, Kavithaikana Muneedugalum” which are trying to be current modern poetry.

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