Humanism in Purananuru

புறநானூற்றில் மனிதநேயம்

Keywords: Sangam Literature, Purananuru, Humanity, Biological Thinking, Hospitality and Charity


Humanity is nothing but treating human as humankind and showing love towards them regardless of their age and racistic nature. The expression of love and humaneness differs according to the situation. The prominent reason for the emergence of the theory of humanity is in order to know the essence of human life and to prevent the hindrance that is making the mankind not to relish the true essence of humaneness. One should know that people around them are also human being who has the same feelings, emotions, rights and respecting all of those is also the definition of humanity. Treating and showing love towards people regardless of their caste, religion and language defines humanity. This research article explores the essence of humanity in the so called resistance literature.

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