Kaalakkanavu Play - Expression of Women’s State in Society

காலக்கனவு நாடகம் சித்திரிக்கும் சமூகத்தில் பெண் வெளிப்பாடு

Keywords: Tamil Dram, Feminisim, A. Mangai, Kalakanavu


In nature’s creation, men and women are equal in all respects. But in social parlance it is prevailing as a contradiction. Women are inferior and the concept of male supremacy and patriarchy has been configured in the society. Women’s rights and the concept of feminism are denied in the society. Women are conferred with enormousus potential in nature. Women can renew themselves from the problems faced by them similar to the capability of nature that can restore its energy by itself. The society has made women, not able to realise this fact by imposing conceptualisations based on emotional constraints and by restricting their freedom of movement. ‘Kaalakkanavu’ – play has been created by V. Geetha, to make people realise about the capabilities and rights of women. In this play, the portrayal of historical facts of women, the revelation of the state of women in the society and the need for women to realise about their position and social status were stressed. And all these aspects are explained in-detail in this essay.

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