The Style of Language and Myths

மொழிநடையும் புராண நிகழ்வுகளும்

Keywords: Nalyirth Diviya Pirabantham, Nchiyar Thirumozhi, Aandal, Common Fasting, Poetry, Glossary, Music Blur, World Blur, Materiyal Blur, Throne Level


The unique Style of the Nachiyar, Sermon bears Witnes to its systematic structure, respectively. Perhaps it contributes to Andals imagination and Poetic pleasure. The lexicon is shown in the Nachiyar scripture. Mythological events related to the gods are also outlined in Sangam literature and other periods. The Songs were sung with a focus on devotional, literature or mythological events. Dasavatara message are especially praised in vaishnava religious Literature. The purpose of this article is to explore the mythological phenomena of language.

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