Tamil Samoogathin Pulamaiyakka Marabil Pen Eyangiyalum Iruppum

தமிழ்ச் சமூகத்தின் புலமையாக்க மரபில் பெண்இயங்கிலும் இருப்பும்

  • S Ilakia Assistant Professor, Tamil Department Madurai College, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Female Creators, Linguistic Scholarship, Literary Creation, Society Literatures, Female Direction


Tamil language has two thousand years of classic literary and grammatical resources. The Puluvarmarapu was formed without the long-standing Arupada oral tradition of the Tamil community. Man-made literature is derived from his community. However it stands very much alive in the oral tradition. In the tradition of writing itself it evolves into power. This can be known in Puluvarmarapil. Literature, grammar and texts have appeared in the tradition of linguistic scholarship in the Tamil world of Vadavenkadam Tenkumari Aidai. Yet what is the linguistic scholarship space in which women are creative? This article explores the differences between women’s linguistic and scholarly works and their contribution to the field of linguistic scholarship, such as grammar and texts.

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