Thiruvasaka Sivapurana - Comparison of Texts

திருவாசக சிவபுராண - உரைகள் ஒப்பீடு

  • M Sangeetha Part-time Research Scholar, Department of Tamil Studies, Srilasrikasivasivaswaminatha Swami Arts College, Thiruppanandal, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Thirumurai, Paa Vagai, Anupoothi, Guruvarul Vilakam, Panchatcharam, Pathaporul


Panniruthirumuraigal of the Tamil Literature Series, which is revered as the chief textbook of the Vedic religion, are among the most easily explained texts on Saiva samayam in the community. The benefactors of the Panniruthirumuraigal are 27 benefactors. The first three of the twelve tirumuras were performed by Thirunana Samandar, the fourth, fifth and sixth tirumuras by Thirunavukkara, the seventh tirumura by Sundaramoorthy swamis, the eighth tirumura by nine arulas, the tenth tirumura by Tirumoolar and the eleventh tirumura by Sivan with twelve arulas. Twelfth tirumura by Sekizhar swami. Thiruvasakam is the eighth edition of the Panniruthirumuraigal. Many people have written texts for this book from time to time. This article examine variations in the the first part of Sivapuranam out of 51 parts in Thiruvasagam. The texts of the Thiruvasagam are numerous. In these discourses only the first part of the Sivapuranam of the three texts titled Thiruvasaka Urai Dharmapura Adinam’s Thiruvasaka Urai, written by Dantapani Desikar and published by Dantapani Desikar, compiled by the Srikali Thandavaraya Swamis and published by Thiruvaduthurai Adinam, is compared.The structure of this article is a comparison of texts of the Shiva Purana 1. General structure of Sivapurana, 2.System of Sivapurana texts, 3.Comparison of texts.

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