Transgender in Tamil Movies

தமிழ்த் திரைப்படங்களில் திருநங்கையர் சித்திரிப்பு

Keywords: Transgender, Tamil Film, Balabhishekam, Sivappu Enakku Pidikkum


Many movies released in Tamil have portrayed transgenders mostly as scenes for ridicule. In the guise of comedy, films have been portraying transgender people with insults, double entendres and sexual scenes. Some movies like Bombay, Thenavattu, Chithiram Pesutadi, and Naan kadavul show transgenders in a dignified manner. From 1977’s Balabhishekam to 2017’s sivappu enakku pidikkum, this review examines the film. Transgender people are those who have been ostracized from public life by their families and the entire society and are forced to live in the public square without any means of living without any means of livelihood, begging and prostitution. Tamil cinema is using the problem of such people and their need only for ridicule. Seeing this, the growing generation grows up with such thoughts and perpetuates its violence against transgenders. The Tamil film world often portrays transgender people as ugly and ridiculous. Tamil movies were also the reason why the transgender community was seen as a laughing stock in the early days.

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