Kaanchi Padalam and Makatpaar Kaanchi in Purapporul Venbaamaalai

புறப்பொருள் வெண்பாமாலையில் காஞ்சிப் படலமும் மகட்பாற் காஞ்சியும்

Keywords: Purapporul Grammar, Kaanchi Thinai, Impermanence, War, Marriage


The origin of purapporul venbaamaalai is significant in the development of tamil grammar. This is the one and only individual book about purapporul that was written after the tholkaappiyam. Even today, puram literature is referred through tholkaappiyam and purapporul venbaamaalai. Kaanchithinai has been the focus of the study from time to time because of its impermanence in nature. The same way, the content of kaanchithinai is approached in tholkaappiyam and purapporulvenbaamaalai. Makatpaarkaanchi is one of the thurai, that is situated in such kaanchithinai. This article studies about purapporul venbaamaalai, kaanchithinai and makatpaarkaanchi in a single atraight line.

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