Goddess Worship of Mu Thinaikudi Muma

திணைக்குடிகளின் பெண் தெய்வ வழிபாடு

Keywords: Anangu, Muruku, Pazhaiyol, Katalkezhu Selvi, Kadukezhu Selvi, Amman, Seematti, Surmakal, Kotravai, Perukattukkotravai, Kamar Selvi, Kadu Kizhar, Kadukizhavol, Kataikataul, Kollippavai


In the worship of thinaikudis, the names of the deities and the ritucels are set up to honor the feminine. In a different environment from the ancient tamis who wore afraid of nature, natural products,trees and bodies of water not to be fecered and running, running was to be feared and. That natural enargy that gives fear is called sur, Anangu and sur mean suffering and fear. Anangu means suffering she who brings great suffering. The word surara daughter gives fear Goddess is meaning. In the beginning surum and Anang were tought formless. And then those to speak gracefuldy and at the same time without taunting.