Weaving and Folklore

நெய்தற் கலியும் நாட்டுப்புறவியலும்

Keywords: Folklore, Folk Literature, Sangam Literature, Medieval Literature, Neither Kali, Nattupuraviyal


There are two types of literature that have appeared in Tamil language. They are written texts. Unwritten folklore.i.e. folk literature. Attilakyas are divided into several categories according to the period such as Sangam literature, Sangam Maruviya literature, medieval literature, devotional literature, modern literature, historical literature, small literature, barilyakya from the early period. In this way, it can be known through many studies that there are many elements of folklore in Sangam literature. This article seeks to examine the extent to which Neydhil Kali has folkloric elements in Kalim.