Life Problems of Diaspora: Introducing the Innovation of ‘Siam Death Train’...

புலப்பெயர் மக்களின் வாழ்வியற் பிரச்சினைகள்: சயாம் மரண ரயில் புதினத்தை முன்வைத்து

Keywords: Tamils, Migration, Siam Death Railway


People have migrated throughout human history. It seems that the reasons for this migration have changed over time. Based on that, there have been successive migrations such as the Sangam migrations due to education, war and trade and the arrival of religious preachers. But literary works describing the problems faced by migrant Tamils in the workplace due to slavery and poverty and unemployment during the colonial period are rarely found. Notable among them is the novel ‘Siam Death Train’ which depicts the plight of Tamils taken for work. This novel changes it in the Tamil literature which only knows the migration of Eelam Tamils and highlights that Tamils migrated before the migration of Eelam Tamils and faced various problems and crises.