Women in the Work of S. Ramakrishnan

எஸ். ராமகிருஷ்ணன் படைப்பில் பெண்கள்

Keywords: Novel, Criticism, Feminicism, S.Ramakrishanan


The life of ancient people can be known to some extent only through the lens of literature. In this way, the purpose of this article is to study the place of women in the society from time to time by using literary messages as a source and to study about the women found in S. Ra’s works. Feminisms include feminine elements. Femininity and feminism are both words that include women. Love, kindness, charity and motherhood are feminine qualities. Women are responsible for human creation and creativity. Being one half of the human society, women face many hardships in life. Women endure whatever cruelty their husbands do. Women endure cruelty to save their family honor. The girl is forced to follow the instructions of the housemates. She is obliged to humbly answer their questions. To live without hearing the house noise. As it was the duty of the housewife to protect the family honor, women fulfilled it with great care. S. Ra’s female mantras are good housewives who protect the family honor. Love is the foundation of life. Her husband’s love gives her more pleasure than the love of others. She expects her husband to be kind to her. Although everyone shows affection towards her in Bukhunda’s house, she considers her husband’s love for her completely. Love refers to a variety of feelings and experiences based on emotion and mood. Love is usually a strong and positive experience. Love manifests itself in many dimensions, from simple happiness to deeply personal affection.

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