Ploughing Related Proverbs and It’s Constituents

உழவு சார்ந்த பழமொழிகளும் அதன் உட்கருத்துக்களும்

Keywords: Prosperity Ritual, Sprouts Propagation, Karaikararkal, Athapuzhungal Rice, Brooding Chicken


Agriculture is the primary source of livelihood for people. It is the backbone of our Indian economy. Life of people will be prosperous only if the farming industry is good. Ploughing is one of the main industry of the world as the world revolves around ploughing.“Various proverb says that everyone should know the excellence of farmers.” Today’s generation must know the importance and methods of agriculture. The experience of ancestors in ploughing can be learnt through proverbs. These proverbs help us to know the intricacies of agriculture. All the methods related to ploughing can also be learnt from them!