Sanga Ilakiya Pen Manthargalil Thalaviyai Munvaithu

சங்க இலக்கிய பெண் மாந்தர்களில் தலைவியை முன்வைத்து

  • R Sadasivam Associate Professor, Department of Tamil, Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Sangam Literature, Chastity, Kalavu, Sevilithai, Morality, Thalaivi, Thalaivan


In Sangam literature, the most important of the women is ‘Thalaivi’. She is known to be a co-worker with the ‘Thalaivan’ in a life of love and a person who excels in the life of chastity. The ‘Sevilithai’ and the ‘Natrai’ are overjoyed to know that her daughter is excelling in the family life. She is the one who stands and guides the leader in ‘kalavu’ and chastity as her best friend. The Sangam literature speaks a lot about this.

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