Kanngi Valakkurai Epic and Religious and caste dominance of the Tamil Community

கண்ணகி வழக்குரைக் காப்பியமும் தமிழ்ச் சமூகத்தின் சமய, சாதிய ஆதிக்கமும்

Keywords: Kannagi Valakkurai, Tamil Community, Caste, Dominance, Ritual, Micropolitics


“Kannagi Valakkurai” is as an Epic based on Silapathikaram. It has been compiled by V.S.Kandaih in 1968 and it is sung during the rituals in Kannagi temples in Batticaloa District of Sri Lanka. Kannagi Valakkurai is an important epic which talks about the micro-politics of Eelam’s religion and caste. This research reflected that the caste and religion of the people of Eelam have the influence in the epic of “Kannagi valakkurai”. Further, this study was done with the analytical methodology.

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