Methods of Transformation Expressioned by Humans

மனிதர்களிடையே செய்திப்பரிமாற்றம் நடைபெற்ற முறைகள்

Keywords: Transformation, Communication, Vocalizations (Sound of Voice, Sound of Instruments, Sound of Bells), Gestures, Body Movements, Facial Expressions, Whistling, Signs, Sticks, Conch Shells, Language for Conveying Actions, Acquiring Knowledge through Observation - Acquiring Knowledge through Experience, Speaking in Real-Time, Numbers, Communication through Telegraph - Email - Electronic Money Transfer, Today’s World Functions through Transformation


Transformation is inevitable with time. Language, before its emergence, communicated through gestures, facial expressions, body movements, vocalizations, the throwing of objects, signs, gestures with sticks, whistling, and other such means. Humans communicated their actions to others by encompassing themselves in the realm of sounds. The transformation experienced by humans is influenced by their brain and sensory perceptions. Through actions such as speaking, observing, and listening, individuals exchange information and transform their actions accordingly. In the present era, people have lived as wanderers. Scientific progress has not stagnated. Today, the integration of computers and telecommunications has revolutionized the field of technology, benefiting the general public through transformative work. Currently, emails quickly inform someone in another country. Similarly, electronic money transfers enable the swift transmission of funds to a person in a remote location. It is through transformation that the world continues to progress today.

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